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To all customers to be, every book david has written can be obtained in pdf format at £5.00 each. The books you see on his website are what he has written. David cannot buy in just one or two books he has to purchase in blocks of (5) not so bad in A5 format but in A4 format that is expensive for David. If you are in business as a retailer in the book world and need to purchase in bulk then please contact us Fakenham Prepress Solutions.


This pdf is free (all rights to story and photos copyright to jdbbooklets) the pdf is in dedication to the late 96th BG historian Mr Geoff Ward who sadly passed away 15/11/2021.

To whom reads my Norfolk books and WW2 books I have had full permission to use Tony Brooks works that show copyright © logo. If you look in the bibliography of all my books all known photos used and scourced from websites are mentioned there . In future if you have any problems email me as I am the author. My email

NEW BOOK - A Vintage Journey, life on the northern line

David Banks

It costs £10.00 plus £5.25 post and packaging all proceeds go to MNDA. It’s an A5 (120) packed pages of life known as The Rats on the Northern Line. It takes you way back in time ,the author and owner of this website was a guard himself on the Northern Line twice 1968-1970 then 1970-1976 . He left with a one under spoken about in this fantastic little book. A joy for any underground memories.

Tales of this county

David Banks

Tales of this county is a lovingly chosen collection of individual stories wrapped around a tale of the life of a shepherds daughter. This beautiful take on a young lady's days in Norfolk makes for a perfect springboard for the real-life accounts that seamlessly wrap around it. Grab yourself a cup of tea and sit back and be transported back and experience a life you never knew. Each books sell for £10.00 on Amazon,all proceeds go to MNDA David’s chosen charity.

About Me

David Banks
David Banks
David Banks
David Banks

The website was born because I’m severely disabled with osteoarthritis which affects every bone in my body, but it hasn’t affected my hands and mind. I originally started writing little A5 booklets of my Norfolk Journey, then one book followed called Hands Across the Sea, the front cover designed by Tony Brooks. When I started writing about the USAAF I didn't know anything about the B-17’s or B-24's. Now I have developed my knowledge and skills somewhat further and lo and behold I know a great deal more about what the USAAF stood for during the Second World War.

My first breakthrough came in attempting to write about a group called the 303rd bomb group at Molesworth in Cambridgeshire. It was called Chariots of Thunder, 124 pages of different wartime stories and pictures, and a friendship was struck up with the owner of a site I researched,: Gary Moncur, the son of one of the fliers, Vern Moncur of the 359th.

In God We Trust was my first attempt at A4, the cover above by Tony Brooks, a beautiful book and stories that were to lead to greater accolades. I decided to write another A4 called Hands Across the Sea, a revamp of the original little A5, but it turned out to be a book of books, some say a book of dreams. In this was a piece written by yet another friend, a tale about her gramps, and this book was seen and read in many a country, even Dubai in The United Arab Emirates. This book of dreams has opened many doors and now I’m a fully-fledged hobbyist author and proud owner of this website created by Fakenham Prepress.

David Banks is proudly Associated with Dunkirk Little Ships and the British Modern Military History Society


David Banks
David Banks


With his latest Yesterdays Heroes, Men of Steel, priced from £8.95-£18.95, please contact Fakenham Prepress for books as David only holds 20 at a time. We can produce bulk requests. Thank you

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David Banks
David Banks
David Banks
David Banks
David Banks
David Banks

Legends & Legacies

David Banks

David Buettner Banks is an exceptional man so you would not expect Dunkirk to be anything other than an exceptional book. David devotes the proceeds of his many popular books to the Motor Neurone Disease Association and has raised £1857.17p to date. Chief among his publications are his lovely Norfolk books created from living in the beautiful county where he has made his home.

These nostalgic booklets led to writing and publishing stories of the incredible young men of the United States Air Force along with the RAF, RCAF and AAF who flew from this county in raids over Germany in the Second World War. More war stories followed.

In Dunkirk, his latest book, he tackles the overpowering events of a surrender that was at the same time a victory.

No word is more evocative than Dunkirk to those who remember the war. This book covers just about every aspect of those vital few days which even wartime prime minister Winston Churchill described as a "colossal military disaster”. David holds nothing back. The unbelievable barbarity of the enemy faced by the British Expeditionary Force in France. The pain, the humiliation, the bullets, the blood, the sheer savagery of the German advance. The terror on the beaches as the Stuka dive bombers screamed down on the troops waiting to be evacuated.

Then there is the uplifting side to the Dunkirk story. The bravery of the men who set out across the English Channel, risking bombs and mines in Royal Navy and Merchant Navy vessels and the famous Little ships, to rescue the men off the French beaches. Every craft that took part is listed in these pages, many with their individual stories of heroism.

David's research, often taking seven or more hours a day every day of the week, and the willingness of the organisations and people he contacted to provide him with information, must make this the supreme record of the Dunkirk story.

Thank you all for reading this introduction and I hope, after viewing the site, you will spare a few charitable coppers please. You can send monies direct to MNDA to their bank at Northampton Loyds TSB George Row NN1-1DJ their sort code 30-96-09 A/C 02-95-26-79 and clearly put ref RE637606 or you can send donations to my PayPal account you can text me on 07949082523 or email me at

Lest we forget - The sinking of the Lancastria

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Proceeds from the booklets are going to:


Motor Neurone Disease Association


Registered Charity 294354 Also you can pay David at his Just Giving Page, or his PayPal Account -



David John Banks I received your book yesterday through the post as promised and from the moment I opened the envelope I was blown away by it. It’s to a very professional standard, packed with facts over a wide range of subjects which is combined with an excellent photo collection. I can’t put it down at the moment and my wife and son are even taking an interest in it! I feel very privileged to have a copy and to be mentioned in the acknowledgements, the tributes to staff past and present is moving, Thank you again and keep up the excellent work!

Hi David just to say thanks for the book. It looks like my evenings will be well spent reminiscing about the old days. I think it should be essential reading for new recruits however todays railway is a world away from what went on before. Congratulations on an informative well laid out read. Oh and thanks for the name check. Regards, Rick

Wow just Wow! Got my book “ Life on the Northern Line “ this morning. Many thanks to David Banks for his total commitment in writing this masterpiece. Being an instructor on the Northern Line I will be wholeheartedly recommending this book to my new trainees as a reference into what we had to know , to what is now. Thank you David you just made my day as I’ve haven’t seen a book more informative then this. From Chris Nedaz instructor

Got my book this morning and I am totally thrilled ! Thank you so much.

Thank you so much, it arrived safely. It is a good summary of events and the ship lists are well laid out.


It arrived this morning David. What a wonderful surprise. It's a beautiful looking book and so full of historical facts. I'll treasure it. Thank you so very much.

Alan fairhurst

Another beautiful publication by my friend David John Banks .Dunkirk story this time .I'm very honoured to have a chance to read his books and support Motor Neurone Disease Association.

Gosia Bakalarz

Dear David,

I have just returned to Warwick from a week away in the Derbyshire Peak District, and found a parcel waiting in the Court House Visitor Centre.

Your Dunkirk book is an amazing piece of work, with a huge amount of information, personal stories and some excellent photos. It will be a permanent record of those difficult days in 1940. You must be very pleased with it.

I will certainly alert members of Unlocking Warwick; some may want to buy it. I propose to present this copy to the Fusiliers Museum here (which houses the RWR artefacts. The museum is due to move from St. John’s House to Pageant House adjoining the Court House next year sometime). Would that be a good idea?

Well done and thank you for taking the trouble to send us a copy.

Best regards,

Rick Thompson

Thank you David.
Many congratulations. You deserve the plaudits you are receiving
Best wishes

Hi Dave,
Thanks for sharing this. You truly deserve the recognition for your hard work for documenting the history you have a passion for and for raising money for a great cause. Congratulations!

I received the book which is very impressive and clearly a work you’ve put a huge amount in to. It’s a wonderful addition to the RNLI library and I look forward to reading it.
Best wishes

Dear David,

On December 21st Melanie came to my home and gave me two books she had received from you from England. I read both of then, since then entirely, and they are wonderfully written, both on World War II with Hitler and the Axis. One book was titled “Yesterdays Heroes Men of Steel” which you included everything about me and my life history and action in the Mediterranean Sea conflicts in Squadron 22 MTB on PT 309. Melanie had done much research about me and it sure brought back memories, too. I’ll be 95 years old in January and I am overwhelmed by it.

I understand you heavily support MNDA in many ways, so I am enclosing a small cheque for you to use as you wish. I. too, give donations to at least five different Veteran Groups here in the U.S.A.

I am sure Melanie told you that she communicated with the Nimitz Naval Museum in Fredericksburg, Texas, where they had my PT 309 boat, completely restored back to the time is served on it. The Director called me and told me I was the only one they could locate who served on that boat in World War II. He invited me to come and get the red-carpet treatment by the Docents and go on board and give a talk to everyone there while on the boat. My son and daughter paid all expenses. Nine more family members of all ages went with me on March 6 and 7, 2020, and we all received recognition by the Museum Staff. They even built a small temporary ramp so I could go on board with my wheelchair. There were 15 people on board. Lots of pictures were taken by everyone including Newspaper photographers. While sitting on a 40MM shell box, I gave a 40-minute talk about all the guns, torpedo’s and equipment. I will never forget this experience in the years to come.

Many, many thanks again, David, for your books and your note to me in one of them.

God Bless you.

Dale T Perry.

I just finished “Yesterday’s Heroes Men of Steel.” I was mesmerized by the stories! Well done, David!! I especially liked the story of Melanie’s grandfather! She is fortunate to know the story! My father never told me anything about the war, except he talked about his crew on “Cabin in the Sky.” He met with them every few years until his death. Thank you so much for your work to tell the stories of our fathers. I think this book is one of your best! You are amazing,and I am blessed to have you for a friend.

'YESTERDAY'S HEROES' has pushed the monies raised by David John Banks to nearly £1,620, for the Motor Neurone Disease Association. I am delighted to be associated with Mr Banks, by writing exclusive features for him on a variety of topics associated with the Allied air forces in WW2.

David, Yes, the book is very interesting and exciting, there are some things in the book that I didn't know until now, you never stop learning. It will certainly be another exciting and interesting belly, read it to me when it is finished, I would like to buy one. I wish you a nice Sunday

I’ve just finished reading it and again congratulate you on the work you put into it. What a testimony it is to all ranks of the USAF who served here during the war; I had tears in my eyes on more than one occasion – especially when reading of the pilot who stayed in his doomed plane with the trapped gunner. Any relation of those mentioned must be tremendously grateful for having such a beautiful-produced record to pass down to their descendants.
We’re fine here, both taking great care. Pleased to hear of your progress with your next Norfolk book. Do not work too hard!

Yes!!! It is beautiful! Thank you!!❤️ No problem. You write great stories!!The writer is Nancy Brumfiel Spencer

Dear David, I write this to thank you most wholeheartedly for sending to me a copy of your book “Dew Something Diffrunt” and to introduce myself to you, I am Bob Simmons a friend of Keith and RosemaryTurner with whom I was able to hear about your exploits with your writing and subsequent publishing successes, congratulations..

Am going to recommend your books to a friend of mine - Stephen Hutton, who is the author of Squadron of Deception about the US 8th Air Force and 36th Bomb Squadron in which his father Iredell Hutton served, I think he would love your work. Squadron World and

Hi David Just wanted to drop you a line to say finally got round to reading the book you sent us and it was excellent, I thoroughly enjoyed it 😊 Darren

Norfolk Tales for Charity Member David Banks is immobilised by disability, but uses his hands, his heart and his mind to research and write booklets, about Norfolk and about the history of USAAF action in World War 2. His most recent Norfolk booklets incorporate some dialect material including (with permission) work by FOND members. David uses his books to raise funds for the Motor Neurone Disease Association (registered charity 294354). Full details about David and his books can be found on his website FOND wishes him well in his endeavours! Richard Reid

"I have been reading and looking through your latest book and it is a most attractive production. You have done a great job with the pictures. The illustrations too are beautiful. I read my contribution and Bob’s very carefully and they come out very well. So thanks for that and congratulations on another beautifully-produced publication." -

Three books written and donated to the museum by David Banks. The booklet titled “Hands Across the Sea” features stories and photos about our very own George Schatz and the Elwood crew along with other stories and photos. The 398th is also included in “In God We Trust.” There is a story about Donald G Evans, Jr written by his son Donald G Evans, III, as well as ”Merseburg…Dreaded Merseburg.” The third book, “Lest We Forget” is a wealth of information featuring the 303rd Bomb Group. All of David’s books would be a nice addition to anyone’s library. David is severely disabled with osteoarthritis which affects every bone in his body except his hands. The proceeds from sales of his books go to MNDA, Motor Neurone Disease Association. For more information or how to order his books, e-mail David at:

"Yes! I finished it last night! Wonderful book!! You have a great gift of writing as if the reader is actually there! Your sentence structure is superb! Well done, my dear friend!! The teacher in me gives you high marks in content, organization and presentation!!!"

"I just received your book. It looks beautiful and I can’t wait to get my eyes on every page. Thanks so much! Best regards, Marc"

"Hello David, I was nicely surprised to find your 3rd book, "Lest We Forget" in my mailbox yesterday. I am almost finished reading "Dedicated to all. We Salute You." So happy to be looking forward to, #3. I am really enjoying them, it adds to what little I knew about WW2. I was rather young, so didn't know too many facts. Thank You. Marie McMurran.""

"Hello David I have been dipping into and reading your book and am very impressed not only with the amount of fascinating research you have done but also the way the stories are told. Over all, with the pictures and poems, a really excellent publication. Chapter One, The Beginning, makes a great primer for anyone wanting to learn about the war; and as I am reading through the book I realise that as a boy of seven when it started there was so much I didn’t know about casualties, etc. You are also providing a wonderful service for the descendants of the wartime personnel with the way you write about them. I can understand why it is so well received by American and Canadian readers particularly. So overall, a first class production for which you can be justly proud. My wife is also finding it interesting. Both from Wroxham and Little Plumstead we used to watch the B-24s from Rackheath flying so low over our homes on the way to the continent that we could see the cartoons painted on the fuselages. And of course the young American airmen, missing their families, were particularly kind to us children. Kind regards Keith"

"Hello David, Geoff and I both enjoyed the book you sent us. You certainly have my authorization to use any material you find on our 398th website as before. Hopefully when all of this is over, you can make it down to the museum. Sincerely, Marilyn"

"You are an AMAZING author and have done so much for MNDA but also to preserve the memories and the stories of the men and women of the Greatest Generation. For that, there is no words that can ever repay you."

"You deserve all the credit without you none of this would have happened so I thankyou from the the bottom of my heartxx Linda"

Where Eagles Fly
Where Eagles Fly
Where Eagles Fly
MNDA Letter

David would also like to thank his supportive friend Tony Brooks who has given computer graphics a new meaning while working on the production of Hands Across the Sea and the books that followed. Tony’s art work on that little A5 gave David the idea of revamping it into the big A4, which became the book of dreams and opened many doors for him. David since has made many friends in the USA and the UK and continues to build on this friendship. He produces books that these new-found friends adore, whether war books like Yesterdays Heroes, Men of Steel, and the revamped Chariots of Thunder with stories from the Navy’s battles, one featuring HMS Formidable. They also express their enjoyment of the beautiful Norfolk books, containing tales and myths of this county. Further assisting David is a proof reader who polishes these books with a professionalism David is proud of. David, along with his new-found friend, has created a stunning account of DUNKIRK - a book that will adorn many a shelf and inform people of those extraordinary events that happened 80 years ago on the beaches of France. Tony Brooks designed pages through David's art eye to achieve the layout wanted. A new artist allowed David to use two of his pieces to create front and back pages of Dunkirk.

Where Eagles Fly

Photo overlay by David Banks

Thank you, David hopes you will support his worthy cause, and his sponsors.

From glen to glen, and down the mountain side.
The summer's gone, and all the roses falling,
It's you, it's you must go and I must bide.
But come ye back when summer's in the meadow,
Or when the valley's hushed and white with snow,
It's I'll be here in sunshine or in shadow,
Oh, Danny boy, oh Danny boy, I love you so!
But when ye come, and all the flowers are dying,
If I am dead, as dead I well may be,
You'll come and find the place where I am lying,
And kneel and say an Ave there for me.
And I shall hear, though soft you tread above me,
And all my grave will warmer, sweeter be,
For you will bend and tell me that you love me,
And I shall sleep in peace until you come to me!

Dear David,
Thank you very much for your enquiry regarding my Long March songs. I am very happy for you to share my poems, and/or the song recordings if you have a website. I wrote them because I was passionate about getting the story of our brave POWs and the dreadful tale of their Long March to a wider audience. I am continually saddened that no-one I speak to has ever heard of the event, unless of course they have a relative or friend who was also on the march. As a folk singer, part of the duo ‘Greensand Ridge’, I thought writing some songs might be one way of doing this, as we do occasionally sing the songs when we attend folk clubs and festivals especially on Remembrance week, or like this January, Long March anniversaries. I wonder if, along with naming me, you would be able to put a link to our website into your bibliography and then, if anyone is interested they can read how we came to be involved via my father-in-law who was, himself, a Long Marcher.
For your information The Long March of 1945 was written in collaboration with Linda Huxley, and it would be nice if you would add her name along with mine. It was written using words and experiences of the POWs who contributed to the BBC documentary called The Long March to Freedom. The Long March to Freedom song was written solely by me Lesley Loughlin and was inspired by the story as written down by my father-in-law shortly before he died.
Thank you once again for your interest.
Best regards,
Lesley Loughlin.

The Long March to Freedom - Lesley Loughlin
(from the account of Bernard Loughlin my father-in-law written for his son, my husband Hugh with love)

It is my privilege and it is my pain to share this story here today
It started not so long ago, in a land not far away
The country’s now called Poland, ‘twas in nineteen forty-five
When my father joined the Long, cold March to Freedom.

There were thousands of those prisoners a product of the war
Confined within the stalags, working on farms were thousands more
Away from friends and family, who little knew if they’d lived or died
Till they began their Long, cold March to Freedom.

The Russians were advancing, they could set the prisoners free
So to keep his hold upon his foe, Hitler made this cruel decree
That all the P.O.Ws. who were held on Prussian lands
Should be rounded up to start a Long, cold March for Freedom.

It was January of forty-five that Hitler’s orders came
For weeks on end they trudged their way over European plain
No special clothes, no rations, half conscious and half starved
They shivered their way as they made their bid for freedom.

The winter months of forty-five, so all the records show
Brought bitter winds to freeze the bones, minus 40c or so,
They plodded some seven hundred miles, at barely eight a day
A torturous ordeal was that Long, cold March to Freedom.

And one by one, by night and day, their numbers did decrease,
As life itself had lost its charm, death would be welcome release
But for the few who made it back, no cheers of welcome came
For no-one seemed to know about this March to Freedom.

Though thousands had set out upon, that long, cold road through hell
Only twelve of father’s group remained their story for to tell
Of how they’d trudged through blinding snow with frostbite on their feet
And with courage stepped that harsh, Long March to Freedom.

by Vera Lyn

I give you a toast, ladies and gentlemen.
I give you a toast, ladies and gentlemen.
May this fair dear land we love so well
In dignity and freedom dwell.
Though worlds may change and go awry
While there is still one voice to cry
There'll always be an England
While there's a country lane,
Wherever there's a cottage small
Beside a field of grain.
There'll always be an England
While there's a busy street,
Wherever there's a turning wheel,
A million marching feet.
Red, white and blue; what does it mean to you?
Surely you're proud, shout it aloud,
"Britons, awake!"
The empire too, we can depend on you.
Freedom remains. These are the chains
Nothing can break.
There'll always be an England,
And England shall be free
If England means as much to you
As England means to me.


David Banks is proud to be associated with the new propriotor of Ramblers from the 12 April 2021. Ramblers address is The Street, Thurne, Great Yarmouth NR29 3BU. 01692 670086.
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