For the USAA/RAF/RCAF/RAAF independent stories of 96th in Hands across the sea with Pearl Harbour and beautiful poems, Lest we Forget takes back to more memories and stories of Bravery and POWs Yesterdays Heroes Men of Steel tells the story of the Bermuda Triangle; bravery on the Normandy Landings and the Dam busters, Stories from the bomb groups of the 398th/303rd/96th/and 455th in all the other books. Ask me email me and I will answer all questions about both books. The big one being worked on is COTS (Chariots of Thunder Air Land and Sea, The men of Parham to Spitfires of these, stories from Mr Paul Allonby ..’Vanished a airman who arrived in Britain only to vanish and another Harrowing tale in two parts They would not listen’ then their are true stories about life on HMS Formidable the aircraft carrier in the Pacific ww2.

My upmost appreciation for Mr Tony Brooks who when called for for designing special requests for all my books does so without preduce.

Chariots of Thunder A4 - £10.95 + £23 Delivery

Yesterdays Heroes Men of Steel A4 - £18.95 + £21.18 Delivery

Hands Across the Sea A4 - £12 + £21.18 Delivery

In God We Trust A4 - £11.15 + £21.18 Delivery

We Salute You A4 - £11.15 + £21.18 Delivery

Hand Across the Sea Special Edition A5 - £8.25 + £5.25 Delivery

Lest We Forget A4 - £15 + £21.18 Delivery

Dunkirk A4 - £25.95 + £26.45 Delivery

Track of Time Norfolk Memories A4 - £15.00 + £15.00 Delivery